Fix an Issue of Apache not Working

Facing some challenges after installing WampServer on a local PC is bound to happen because sometimes we forgot system configuration we may need to change the port number of our web server and we try login into the system but can’t go through.

In this guide, post learns the step-by-step process to learn How to fix an Issue of Apache not Working after running and follows the required system performance for installing Wampserver, if want to know read the post below,

How do I fix Apache not working?

Most Web Designers may encounter an issue with Apache and MySQL module services not working in WampServer.  Moreover, depending on the system setup configuration, you may need to change the port number of Apache and MySQL. For example, the “World Wide Web Services” under “Control panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager” is also run on port 80 in your system, which is also the default port of apache in WampServer And, the two servers “applications” cannot use “run” the same port at the same time.

How to Change the default port of Apache

1. Firstly, Open the“WampServer”.
2. In Apache Module Service, click on the “httpd.Conf” button.

3. By pressing the “Ctrl + F” key, find the “Listen 80” and replace it with another open port (like 81 or 9080) and save the file.

4. Restart the WampServer by clicking on the “Restart All Services” option.
5. Now, open and check the “WampServer” and also check the localhost and phpMyAdmin.

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