How to Convert Word Document to PDF with Password

This guide will show you how to protect your word document with a password, learn how to protect files, make sure to read and get started

Password Protect word document is beneficial to prevent authorized access to the document file. To start you need to install office 2019 on your Computer

How do you create a password protected PDF?

1. To start on the “Search field” you type word then click “Word App” to open an office word document


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2. After that you choose the file that you want to Encrypt with a Password

3. To protect the document click on “File Manu” and click “Save As” then you choose the place that you want to save the FILE to, then you give the file name.

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4. On the “tools tab” you type you click on the “general option” then you type the password that you want to use to protect your word document from unauthorized access

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